6 Combo Puzzle Games Like Candy Crush

games like candy crush

Candy Crush is a free game that was developed by Kong in 2012. This game can be played on numerous devices and operating systems. The Candy Crush Saga became popular when millions of people started playing it on Facebook. This game is considered to be the most successful match 3 puzzle game on the market. There are more than 93 million people who test their skills and reflexes each day with this game that has over 600 levels and numerous spin offs.

To win a level in the Candy Crush free online game, all that you need to do is match three or more candies of the same kind. Some boards are timed and some boards give you a certain number of turns. Every board of Candy Crush if different with common themes across each level. As the level progresses, the boards get harder and harder. Use your special candies to improve your score, each candy has a different ability. When you start playing Candy Crush you will have a limited amount of lives. If you lose them all, you will need to wait until they refresh or purchase more with real money.

Throughout the game, you will encounter unique characters with names like Tiffi, Mr. Yeti, the Jelly Queen, and the Bubblegum Troll. Some will help you with new items, tips and tricks, while others will try to stop you in your path. Defeat all the villains to rise in the ranks and become the best candy crusher in the world. This game is fun and colorful and very addictive. Download it on your phone today and play it wherever you go. If you love matching games like Candy Crush, you’ll love this list filled with games that are very similar and just as much fun.

Cookie Jam

One of the best match 3 games similar to Candy Crush is Cookie Jam. Cookie Jam is an online game for Windows, Mac, Android, and iOS. This game has over three hundred unique levels that need to be mastered. Learn the mechanics and figure out the best time to use your boosters to get enough points to pass your level. Cookie Jam is a delicious puzzle adventure that can be played anywhere you go, as long as you have an internet connection. All the levels in this game can be replayed as many times as you’d like and there are no limits. To play Cookie Jam, you must smash identical cookies until the board goes blank. There are over 30 different kinds of cookies and more 8 different kinds of boosters. This game is free to play. The in game purchases aren’t required to progress, but they do make things a lot easier.

Crazy Kitchen


Crazy Kitchen is a Zynga game that’s available to play on Facebook and downloadable to your Android or iOS device, for free. This game has more than 50 million players worldwide. Crazy Kitchen is one of the newest free online match 3 games similar to Candy Crush on our list. This game features delectable foods from around the world, fun combo boosters, cool power ups, and more than 500 challenging levels. This addictive game gives you free daily coins, special items, and new costume rewards each day that you log in. Crazy Kitchen has one warning: This game may cause hunger cravings and addictiveness.

Jelly Splash

Jelly Splash is the cutest and wiggliest game found among matching games like Candy Crush.  Jelly Splash is match 3 game created by Wooga that’s a ton of fun for children and adults. This game is available on Facebook, iPhone, and Android phones. The Jelly Splash gameplay has you connecting matching jellies of various colors. Try to rack up as many points as you can before the timer, or your moves run out. There are 5 different kinds of jellies, each with their own value. This level based match 3 progression game has more than 200 levels. Use your touchscreen our your mouse to create strings and avoid the obstacles like slime or mushrooms. Jelly Splash is free to play and currently, this game has more than 10 million players across the globe.

Juice Cubes

This game created by Pocket PlayLab was released in 2013. Juice Cubes is a game that available to play on Android, iOS, and Facebook, like many of the other match three games like Candy Crush on this list. Juice Cubes features yummy fruits that turn into juicy goodness once three or more are matched together. Every level of this game is different. One level you may need to beat a timer and in another, you might have to remove a certain tile. Juice Cube creates color bombs when four or more fruits are matched. These bombs will destroy a 3×3 area. Using these bombs can help you immensely in your progress towards beating your level. Currently, this game has over 550 levels. If you need help in the game, check out the market to purchase extra lives and more powerups.

Farm Heroes Saga

Our list of games like Candy Crush must include Farm Heroes Saga. This game was created by Kong, just like Candy Crush. Farm Heroes Saga needs you to help save as many cropsies as you can because Rancid the Raccoon is trying to spoil your precious veggies. This match 3 game can be played alone or online and it’s completely free to play. In the Farm Heroes Saga game, you can collect all kinds of cropsies, play levels to win magic beans, master challenges, sync the game between your devices, and more. There are more hundreds of levels to master in this game and a ton of cute stories and short videos to enjoy. Farm Heroes Saga is one of the top games on our list. Download it out to save the day and stop Rancid the Raccoon.


Bejeweled is a classic match 3 game that cannot be forgotten on our list of games like Candy Crush. This free to play game was released in 2001 by PopCap Games. Bejeweled was the first game of its kind to be released on browsers. This game has had more than 150 million downloads of its original version and there have been various spinoffs. Bejeweled is available on numerous platforms that include iOS, Android, Xbox, and BlackBerry. The objective of this game is to swap sparkly gems to create a line of three or more. Bigger chains give you a bigger score. Cascades can be triggered when chain reactions occur, this will give you a ton of bonus points. There are two ways to play Bejeweled, you can play the normal game and progress at your leisure, or you can test your reflexes with the time trial mode. This mode will deplete your timer if a match is unsuccessful. Download the free Bejeweled game to try them both now!

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