7 Puzzle Platform Games Like Portal

games like portal

If you like puzzle games, you’ll love this list. In this list, you’ll find mind boggling puzzle games for adults. The games require a couple of skills to play them. You must have good hand eye coordination and a penchant for problem solving to make it through the levels. These games start easy but get harder as you progress. You’ll have to understand the mechanics before you can advance. One of our favorite games of the genre is Portal.

Portal is one of the best puzzle platform games ever created. This single player game created by the Valve Corporation in 2007 can be played on Windows, PlayStation, Xbox, Linux, iOS, and Android. Portal consists of a series of puzzles that will need to be solved using simple objects and teleportation. A special in game device called “the Aperture Science Handheld Portal Device” is your number one tool in this game.

Portal offers hours of gameplay. If you master the art of teleportation and puzzle solving quickly, it will take you about 4 hours to finish the game, add a lot more than that if you have trouble with the puzzles. Each level in this game has many approaches and possibilities, find a technique that works for you and use it to complete the levels. Portal has earned over 15 Game of the Year Awards for its fun and unique gameplay. If you like this game, you’ll love our list of puzzle platform games like Portal below. Test your skills now!


Antichamber is one of the best platform games similar to Portal. This game released in 2013 by Demruth can be played in single player mode. Antichamber can be played on Windows, Linux, and Mac. This game is a first person puzzle platformer filled with puzzles based on phenomena that occurs with impossible objects. Antichamber has passages that lead to different locations depending on which way you face when you enter, structures that seem impossible in a 3 dimensional space, and other elements of psychological exploration. If you want to play a game that will play with your mind, try Antichamber, you won’t be disappointed.


If you love platform games and puzzles, you’ll love this addition to our list of free online platform games. Polarity is a game based on the concept of magnetic forces. The goal of this challenging game is to solve puzzles by using your suits magnetic properties and navigate treacherous environments. In Polarity, your suit can attract and repel objects, instantly switch magnetic polarities, and boost magnetic fields for added special abilities. Learn what everything does and how to use it before you delve into a magnetic adventure you won’t forget. This game released in 2007 was created by students at Carnegie Melton’s Entertainment Technology Center and it was built on an open sourced graphic engine called Panda.


Perspective is the shortest game found on our list of games like Portal. If you understand this game, you will be able to beat Perspective in as little as 25. Just because this game can be finished quickly, it doesn’t mean you should ignore it. Perspective is a game about, you guessed it, perspective. This game features a 2D character in a 3D environment. Your goal in Perspective is to use the 3D environment to your advantage. You must find the right ways to alter the worlds reality to make ti to the end. Playable on PC exclusively, this puzzle platformer was released in 2012 by DigiPen Institute of Technology. A sequel to Perspective is available called Another Perspective. See how long it takes you to figure out this game based on ones perspective.

The Ball 

The Ball is one of the top puzzle adventure platform games on our list. This first person puzzle shooter game was released in 2010. Developed by Teoti Studios and published by Tripwire Interactive, The Ball can only be played on Windows computers in single player mode. The Ball is about a swashbuckling archeologists who’s trying to learn more about a dormant volcano somewhere in Mexico. After an unfortunate accident, you find yourself trapped inside of a cavern. As you try to find a way out, you soon realize that this place is much more than you thought. You will soon realize that you are in a labyrinth filled with deadly puzzles and traps. Learn about some of mankind’s deepest secretes and encounter various creatures in this game called The Ball. You’re in for on heck on an adventure, guaranteed.


Taking about 6 hours to complete, this addition to our list of alternatives to Portal was created in 2012 by Smudged Cat Games. Gateways is a platform puzzle game that can be played on Linux and PC. Sadly, you cannot play this game on your Mac computer or on my mobile devices. In this single player game, you will be able to explore a huge lab filled with mysterious puzzles and leap from one place to another as you defeat small and large enemies and work with past echoes of yourself. Gateways may sound confusing but this game is utter brilliance. There are no loading screens in Gateways and new power ups will be discovered as you move further in the game. If you’re lucky, you might find a shortcut in the labyrinth of doom. Can you escape before it’s too late? Try Gateways now to find out.

Quantum Conundrum 


Created by Square Enix and Airtight Games, this addition to our list of puzzle games like Portal was released in 2012. Quantum Conundrum can be played on PlayStation, Xbox, and Windows. This first person action puzzle game starts you off as a little boy. When you visit your uncle, you realize that something is a little off. First of all, your uncle is nowhere to be seen. Secondly, you find yourself in the middle of an explosion as soon as you arrive. And third, your uncles house seems much stranger than it used to be. Your job in Quantum Conundrum is to figure out the mystery and find your uncle. Luckily, you have his interdimensional shift device to help you out.

The Talos Principle 

The longest game on our list of Portal alternatives is this one called The Talos Principle. The Talos Principle will take you about 16 hours to complete, add double that if you want the 100% completionist trophy. This game developed by Croteam and published by Developer Digital launched in 2014. You can play The Talos Principle on Linux, Mac, Windows, and PlayStation 4. This first person puzzle adventure game is about what happens after you wake from a deep sleep. When you wake, you find yourself in a strange contradictory world with advanced technologies that you cannot comprehend. You must now figure out who you are, what are you doing here, and what is your purpose in this strange land. Play The Talos Principle to understand the strange and quirky story of this game.

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