5 Psychological Thriller Games Like Until Dawn

games like until dawn

Until Dawn is a PS4 exclusive game published by Sony Entertainment in 2015. This psychological survival horror game will mess with your mind and captivate your senses. Until Dawn is one of the best decision based games ever created. This game starts you off with a quick intro of what’s to come. A group of friends are vacationing in a place called Blackwood Mountain and a tragedy occurs. The Until Dawn game really starts one year after this unfortunate night. The same group of friends are invited to come back to the cabin to get together in memory of the event.

Until Dawn plays out like a movie, the characters are lifelike and played by celebrities you might recognize like Hayden Panettiere, Brett Dalton, Meaghan Martin, and Noah Fleiss. During the psychological adventure, you’ll find yourself alternating between characters. Every choice you make in this game will cause a different outcome. Until Dawn proves just how powerful the butterfly effect can be. If you pick up the wrong clue or you start a conversation with the wrong sentence, your fate will change. This goes for all 8 players in the game. We can’t forget to mention the ethical choices found in this game. These choices can be as harsh as sacrificing a friend or something less scary like choosing to take a peak at someone else’s phone. There are hundreds of different endings in Until Dawn, some are good and some are horribly tragic.

The Until Dawn creators added a strict auto save feature to their game which makes it impossible to go back a step and make a different choice. The only way to do this is to either finish your game, which will take you about 9 hours to complete, or start again. Until Dawn is filled with creepy environments, sly irony, suspenseful action scenes, and jump scares. This game is great for fans of the horror genre and those that like games with unpredictable outcomes, a great story, and an awesome music track. Until Dawn is a game that everyone should play at least one, we guarantee that you won’t be disappointed. For more games like Until Dawn that require you to make difficult decisions that will decide your fate, check out our list below. These psychological thriller games are our top choices.

Hidden Agenda

Hidden Agenda is one of the newest choice driven games found on our list of alternatives to Until Dawn, it was released in 2017. This game is published by Sony Entertainment and available to play exclusively on PlayStation 4. Hidden Agenda is a crime thriller played in a third person perspective. This game lets you take control of a homicide detective and a district attorney. Your job is to work together to solve a series of cases. If you have the PlayLink feature, you can join others to vote on certain decisions which will influence the game in drastic ways. The Hidden Agenda name is because during a certain point of the game, someone in your team will be given a special task that will create conflict in the group, hence the Hidden Agenda.

Life is Strange

The 2015 Life is Strange game is one of the top scary games to play on our list of games like Until Dawn. This graphic adventure created by Square Enix won’t make you jump but it will give you chills. Life is Strange is available to play on Xbox, PlayStation, Windows, Mac, and Linux and it’s split into 5 different episodes. This game centers on an 18 year old girl called Max Caulfield. Max is a photography student who’s just discovered that she can rewind time. Life is Strange shows us just how powerful the butterfly affect can be when you mess with your timeline. This graphic novel choose your own adventure game is one of the greatest interactive story games of all time.

Heavy Rain

Another one of the best choice driven games like Until Dawn is Heavy Rain. Heavy Rain is a game created by the same people as Hidden Agenda, but it was released 7 years earlier. The Heavy Rain developers knocked it out of the park with this one. This game masters the art of both psychological thriller games and choose your own adventure. Heavy Rain is set in a film noir universe and is centered on solving a crime involving a missing child. Your job is to ask questions and search for clues so that you can solve the mystery of the Origami Killer. If you have a PlayStation 3 or a PlayStation 4, we highly recommend that you try this game called Heavy Rain.

Beyond: Two Souls

Beyond: Two Souls is a game for PlayStation 3 and PlayStation 4. This game created by Sony Entertainment launched in 2013. Beyond: Two Souls has two playable characters: Jodie Holmes and an incorporated entity called Aiden. Jodie possesses psychic powers and she’s connected to Aiden through a psychic link. As you play through the Beyond: Two Souls game, you will be forced to make quick decisions that will decide your fate. This game is unlike any you’ve ever played before. Dive into a psychological action thriller and witness gripping events. Explore a stunning world, solve challenging puzzles, and follow a young girl through 15 years of life.

Alan Wake


While most of the games like Until Dawn on our list are exclusively available on PlayStation, Alan Wake is only available to play on Xbox and Windows. This game created by Microsoft Studios and released in 2010 will chill you to the bone and get your heart pumping at the same time. Alan Wake isn’t a choose your own adventure story. This game is unique, it’s a story within a story. Alan Wake features a man of the same name. Alan is a best-selling thriller novelist whose wife has gone missing. He’s on a mission to figure out what happened, even if chasing after clues might take his own life. This psychological thriller game brings a story that Alan cannot remember writing to life and puts him smack dab in the middle of it. You must solve the clues and make your way through the horrors found in Alan’s story to figure out what really happened. This game is brilliant and stunning and can turn a cozy place into a nightmare on a dime. Start playing Alan Wake now to see just how great this game really is.

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