6 Virtual World Games Like Club Penguin

games like club penguin

There are a lot of online video games for adults, but not that many for kids and teens. We’ve searched the web to find the best virtual worlds for kids. These games are filled with cute characters, fun games, silly costumes, and fantasy locations online found in our childhood dreams. Most of these games are monitored and safe to play but always use your own judgement before letting your child play a game set in a virtual world with other strangers online. The first virtual world game for kids that we have for you is Club Penguin Island. This game is a remake from the popular version that first launched in 2005.

In 2017, the chilly ice filled world of Club Penguin decided to partner with Disney, creating Club Penguin Island. The Disney Club Penguin Island was an instant success, it already had more than 250 million members when it opened its websites doors for the first time in March 2017. This game caters to kids, tweens, teens, and young adults. Club Penguin is fun and friendly and monitored. Nothing bad gets past the sentry monitoring the chats. This massive multiplayer game can be played directly online, all you need is Adobe Flash. Club Penguin Island is completely free to play, but the fun stuff will cost you.

When you start in this game, you will have an outfit for your penguin avatar and a few things in your inventory. Play games, discover secrets, trade items, and more, to make money so that you can buy new outfits, furniture, food, and other cool things. This game has hours of gameplay, there’s always something new to discover on the Penguin Island. When you play this game, you will make new friends and have a ton of fun guaranteed. There’s nothing more adorable that a cute little penguin wearing sunglasses in the sun. If you liked playing this game, you’ll love these other games like Club Penguin listed below. Take a look at them all to find the virtual world you want to spend the most time in. Have fun.

Animal Jam


Our list of virtual world games like Cub Penguin must include Animal Jam. This is a great online game for kids of all ages. Animal Jam has fun and education all in one. This browser based game was first launched in 2010 and cab be played on Windows, Linux, and Mac. Animal Jam has a huge amount of online players and it’s one of the fastest growing avatar games with virtual worlds for kids. In Animal Jam, you will be able to customize your avatar, visit numerous locations, chat with friends, play mini games, and more. As you travel through Animal Jam, you will encounter real scientists from real zoos and museums who will teach you about the animals in the world, their environments, what they eat, and more. Animal jam is carefully monitored so you don’t have to worry about your children playing this game when you’re not around.



Fantage is an online and offline browser based game that needs Adobe Flash to work. This game created by Fantage Inc. is a massive MMORPG. Like the Club Penguin game, Fantage is set in a virtual world. In this world, you can play games, solve puzzles, and find other fun activities. Fantage lets you customize a cartoon avatar and explore numerous towns found in the Fantage world. This game has more than 30 million registered users and it’s free to play. Additional content can be bought with real money but these purchases aren’t necessary to play the game. You can earn free in game cash by watching short videos, completing quests, and with the daily check ins. Fantage prides itself on being tedious with your child’s safety. Everything in this game is monitored and the chat words are automatically filtered.


Our list of  virtual games online must include Poptropica. This game developed by the Jeff Kinney Group and published by the Family Education Network can be played on PC, Mac, Nintendo DS, 3DS, and iOS mobile devices. Poptropica was first released in 2007. This educational adventure game can be played solo or with others online. Poptropica is an oasis of islands. In this game, you can travel to the different themed islands to discover new creatures, new friends, new items, and more. Every Poptropica island has different difficulties, travel at your own pace, there’s no rush in this game. There are a lot of puzzles in this game. One big puzzle needs to be solve before moving on to another island. If you like puzzles, MMORPG’s, and educational adventures, you’ll love this game that already has over 2 million active members. Guaranteed.


This addition to our list of games like Club Penguin was first released in 2012. Habbo is a multilingual browser based game that can be played worldwide. In more than 150 countries to be precise. This game has a social networking feature that makes it a little different than the other games similar to Club Penguin on this list. Habbo is aimed at teenagers and young adults. This game has an average of 5 million active monthly users. Habbo takes place in a hotel. When you play this game, you can customize your character, meet with others, and play mini games. Your hotel is your home, customize it as much as you want. Change the color of your furniture, add a window, move the bed, and more. There are no limits to what you can do in Habbo. Earn coins with the mini games and daily tasks to buy new stuff. There isn’t a main goal in this game. The only thing that people aim for in Habbo is to make the best hotel possible and invite their friends over to visit it.


This addition to our list of games like Club Penguin is another part of the Disney franchise. ToonTown online first launched in 2003. This game developed by Disney can be played for free on your browser, with additional content available for purchase. ToonTown features most of the toon characters you love. In ToonTown, you will find Donald Duck, Minnie Mouse, Chip & Dale, and more of the same genre. When you play this game, you will get to create your own toon. Customize everything. As you play various activities and complete short quests in this game, you will receive coins that can be traded in for additional customizations, gags, cars, and more. ToonTown is a very fun game that can be played by children of all ages. Adults will like this game too because of the nostalgia feeling they get when seeing the toons from their past. Because ToonTown is a Disney game, you’ll never have to worry about your child’s safety when they play this game. Every chat in this game is monitored and a flagged email will be sent to you if something strange is caught.


The last addition to our list of games similar to Club Penguin has to be Panfu. Panfu was a game that was released in 2007 by GoodBeans GmbH. This game could be played online using the traditional MMORPG genre. In Panfu, your avatar was a cute little panda. This virtual world was aimed at children aged 6-13. In Panfu, you could play games, connect with friends, discover a playful atmosphere and visit panda filled islands of different kinds. As you might have noticed, we’ve been mentioning Panfu in the past tense. This is because this game shut down in 2016. When Panfu closed, it was missed. Since it’s shut down, a new free to play browser based game has been in the works. In December 2017, you will be able to re-enter the world of Panfu. Mark your calendar now to be able to join millions of pandas online in a fun world with exciting adventures and new friends.

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