6 Idle Games Like Cookie Clicker

games like cookie clicker

Idle clicker games are usually free to play games that were first meant to be ironic. Weirdly enough, these games became a great hit. Click games have a simplistic look but they take a lot of strategizing to complete. These games are either loved, or hated. Cow Clicker was the first idle game to be released, you will find it on our list. This genre of game is the most basic kind of game you can find and if you like this kind of clicker game, you’ll love it and will be hooked instantly. Currently, you can find a few great clicker games and more are being released all the time due to the fact that they’re real easy to create. One of the best clicker games on the market today is Cookie Clicker.

Cookie Clicker is a game that will have you baking cookies. This game can go on and one with no end. This game was published and developed by Julien Thiennot and first released in 2013. Cookie Clicker starts with a big cookie on the screen. You have to click on it. Every click you make gives you another cookie. The cookies you receive can be spent on cooking tools and buildings which will then make more cookies. Your goal in this game is to beat your personal score and try to win all the achievements. Cookie Clicker is one of the best incremental games ever created and one of the most addicting ones too. This idle game can be played on your browser or downloaded as an app.

Cookie Clicker was voted one of the greatest idle games of the year by IGN and called obsessive by its fans. The longest gameplay of Cookie Clicker so far has hit more than 700 hours. This game uses cookies to express wealth which gives you the false pretense of progress but really, you’re never advancing at all. Cookie Clicker may be a simple game but it has a lot of depth that you will discover when you start playing it. If you got hooked on this game and want to try more of the same, check out our list of top idle games like Cookie Clicker listed below, you won’t be disappointed.

Cow Clicker

The first idle game created for mobile! Cow Clicker must, without a doubt, be added to our list of best incremental games like Cookie Clicker. This game was released in 2010 by Ian Bogost. Cow Clicker started on Facebook and has now expanded to an app. To play this game, you need to click on a ghostly cow to earn clicks. Your cow comes back every 6 hours. If you have friends playing this game, you can go to their pasture and click on their ghostly cow every 6 hours too. The clicks you get from the ghost cow can be used to buy more ghost cows. This game is all about the numbers. Your goal is to collect as many clicks as you can. See if you can beat your friends.

Clicker Heroes

One of the best idle games like Cookie Cutter on our list is Clicker Heroes. Clicker Heroes was first released on browser and mobile in 2014 and 2015. Recently, in early 2017, this game became available to play on PlayStation and Xbox too. Clicker Heroes is published and developed by Playasaurus. This idle game is free to play but additional purchases can be made with real money. These purchases aren’t necessary to play. Clicker Heroes has multiple game mechanics. In this game, you need to click on your enemy, once your enemy is dead, you will receive points. Your points can be exchanged for unlockable characters which can help you defeat your enemies. Eventually, you will be able to buy enough characters to play the game even when you’re not there. Like Cookie Clicker, this game has no ending. If you want to stop playing after collecting all the characters, expect to play around 600 hours.

The Monolith

This game published and developed by Joe Pendon has an old school feel. The Monolith, found on our idle games list, first launched in 2016. This game can be freely played on your browser or downloaded as app for Android or iOS. The Monolith is a battle game like Clicker Heroes. In this game, you start at the bottom, with one goal in mind. You want to rule, you want to become kind, you want it all! In this game, you must battle your way through different ages that range from the dark age to the nuclear age. To move up, you need to collect supplies, build structures and armies and work your way through an enemy ambush. The Monolith is extremely addictive, you’ve been warned.

Idle Town

Idle Town is another one of the good idle games like Cookie Clicker. This game can be played on your Chrome browser and on your Android and iOS devices. This game took about 6 months to make before its release and new updates are continuously being added. When you start this game, you will see a town hall. On top of this town hall, there’s a giant coin. Tap the coin to earn more coins. Use the coins you’ve earned to add stores, homes, and decorations. Soon, you’ll see your town grow. This game is infinite. The only satisfaction you’ll get in this game is to see your town expand and compare it to the friends on your list.

Bitcoin Billionaire

Bitcoin Billionaire is a fun game for all ages. In this Indie game, you need to collect coins, bitcoins to be exact. The more you click, the bigger your fortune gets. Bitcoin Billionaire starts with a run down office with rickety furniture and a broken down computer. As you earn coins, you can upgrade to something better.  Buy new furniture, a better computer, change the walls, and even buy pricey art work to adorn your walls. Earn more coins by clicking on your items. If you want to wait for the upgrades, you can invest your hard earned clicks. These investments can really pay off. Start playing Bitcoin Billionaire to see if you can make it. Find the best balance between investments and decorations to rack in the most coins if you want to become a billionaire sooner rather than later.

Time Clickers

Time Clickers is the last addition to our list of games alternatives to Cookie Clicker. Time Clickers is a game created by Proton Studio. This incremental game always has a fun upgrade to look forward to. Time Clickers can be played online or downloaded as an app. This game is completely free to play. There are no micro transactions that require real money. Everyone has to play on the same playing field. In Time Clickers, you have to collect gold, like many of the games listed above. Use your gold to upgrade your pistol and to hire a team of sharp shooters to help you face the numerous enemies that attack you. There are over 100 achievements to earn in Time Clickers. Start playing now to work your way up the board.

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