5 Free to Play Games Like Neopets

games like neopets

If you’ve been searching for a lazy game to play a little each night, you’ll love this list. Neopets is a free to play game for kids, teens, young adults, and parents too. Premium content is available for purchase with real money. This game atmosphere is friendly and safe and fun for all. Neopets features cute little pets that you will need to take care of, take on quests, dress up, and more. This is all done in a virtual world called Neopia.

In Neopia, you will find numerous lands, each with their own theme. Some of these lands are called Faerieland, Kreludor, Maraqua, and Krawk Island. You are free to travel wherever you want in this virtual land. In each area, you will find treasures, games, quests, challenges, puzzles, and surprises. A few of the things that you can do in the Neopets world is hunt for common and rare collectibles, design your own home, get free coins at the well, play bingo, meet new friends, and go shopping for cute outfits to adorn your pet.

The Neopets community is massive. There’s always someone to chat with, play games with, get help from, and trade with. Check out the Neopets homepage each time you log in so that you never miss out on a contest, new items added to the store, or a limited time event. Neopets launched in 1999 and it’s still going strong today. This free virtual world game is awesome. If you like playing games like this, you’ll love our suggestions for free games to play like Neopets below. Fun for the entire family.

School of Dragons 

One of the most fun games for kids is School of Dragons. This addition to our list features the dragons you’ve grown to love in How to Train Your Dragons. In this game, you will get your own dragon which you will have to grow and train. School of Dragons has all sorts of fantasy elements like magic, scientific discovery, travel, and items you’ve never seen before. Meet friends online and battle your dragons for cool prizes. Uncover the wonders of the world in the School of Dragons. You can create a free account to keep track of your dragon on the School of Dragons website or you can download the app to play this adventurous game on mobile.

Bonga Online 

Our list of free online games for kids must include Bonga Online. This addition to our list of games like Neopets only requires a quick online registration to start playing. Bonga online is set on a paradise island full of surprises. This game has cute creatures called Bongies and a ton of exciting adventures. You can play Bonga Online on your browser from any computer, tablet, or mobile phone. In this game, you will take on the role of a friendly island spirit. Your main job in this game is to help bring back the island to what it once was and to help the inhabitants build new homes. There are numerous games, quests, and items to collection in this game and new content is added all the time. Bonga Online is a peaceful and relaxing browser game that’s suitable for all ages.


Webkinz is a lot like the browser based game called Neopets. This multi award winning game is great for kids aged 6 years and up. Webkinz is one of the best free to play games on our list. This game lets you discover a whole new world filled with treasures, surprises, various terrains, and a huge community of gamers who are just looking for fun things to do. In this game, you will get to adopt a pet of your own. Choose from over 1,000 pets to find the right one for you. Webkinz uses flash for all of its games so be sure to have it installed. Log in each day for new gifts and check out the updates that are added all the time for new things to do on in this game. Webkinz has customization options, a ton of games, cool clothes to put on your pets, a variety of prizes, and more. Start playing this fun online game for kids now!

Moshi Monsters

Moshi Monsters is another one of the best free online games like Neopets. This browser based game was created by Mind Candy. Moshi Monsters is a fun, safe, and educational site for kids of all ages. This game lets you adopt your own monster, choose its color scheme, give it a name, a lively personality, and more. Watch your monster develop as you play with it each day. In Moshi Monsters, you can buy weird and wonderful items in the shop, play a ton of cool mini games, make new friends, interact with various aspects of the Moshi world, decorate your home, and more. This game adds new features all the time and the Moshi world is always expanding. Create your free monster now to start playing in this fantasy virtual world filled with adorable monsters of all shapes and colors.

Monkey Quest 

Lastly, we must add this Nickelodeon game set in a spectacular world called World of Ook called Monkey Quest. This game found on our list of games similar to Neopets is about a land where monkeys rule. In this game, you will get to play as a monkey. Your main quest is to battle evil shadown demons and monster hoards, but you will find other things to do on this browser based game like hunt for treasure, customize your home, dress up your monkey, play mini games, meet new friends, and explore various terrains. This virtual world for kids can be explored alone or you can join others on an unforgettable quest. Join a tribe to get special items and abilities and exclusive quests only available to those in the tribe. This free to play game can be played on PC and Mac.

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