5 Strategic Games Like Risk

games like risk

If you have a penchant for total control and you love to strategize, you’ll love this list of games like Risk. Risk is a popular board game that first came out in 1957. This game has had numerous mediums, but is started as a board game before it got famous. Growing up, you’ve probably played this same game at least one, and you might still be playing Risk today. Did you know that there’s a video game version of Risk and that it can be played on numerous devices too?

This tactical strategy game created by Hasbro can take as little as 1 hour to play, to as long as 10 hours and more. Some people have said to play days and even weeks. The digital version of Risk goes by a little quicker than that. You can play Risk alone against other computer players, or online against real players. Risk divides the world into various territories, (the numbers change depending on the game version) your goal in this game is to conquer them all.

Use the dice to tell you how many army members you’ve won or loss, to gain new territories, and to challenge other players. Because Risk is played with dice and not much else, people might think that this game is simple, but it’s not. You must always keep an eye open to see who’s about to attack and to plan your next conquer. You only get a limited amount of moves with each play, so be sure to use them wisely. If this game has ignited your passion for world domination, you’ll love these other strategic games like Risk below. Play them all to challenge yourself in different ways.

Axis & Allies

This first addition to our list of war strategy games like Risk is also based on a popular board game that was first seen years ago. Axis & Allies launched in 1981. This board game designed by Nova Game Designs, later by Milton Bradley, is a tactical strategy game set during World War II. The main goal in Axis & Allies is to win the war by capturing enough enemy territories to gain the advantage. There have been numerous reprints, sold out editions, and spinoffs to Axis & Allies since its start in 1981. Like Risk, Axis & Allies became a fan favorite upon its release. A playthorugh of this game can take as little as 2 hours and up to 10 hours and more depending on what happens. The Axis & Allies video game can be played in single player mode or online. This game is exclusive for Windows.

Lux Deluxe 

Lux Deluxe is one of the best free strategy games similar to Risk on our list. This game published and developed by SillySoft Games was released in 2002 with other editions coming out as late as 2009. Lux Deluxe is a strategy war game that can be played alone against the computer or online against real players. This turn based strategy game is inspired by Risk and it uses many of the same gameplay rules. Lux Deluxe lets its users create their own maps and rules, creating a ton of new games within the original game. Currently, you will find thousands of playable maps on the Lux Deluxe game website. Play them now to see if you can dominate them all or start creating your own. Click on the link found here to get started.

Europa Universalis 

Europa Universalis is one of the top military strategy games on our list. This game published and developed by Paradox Interactive has had many editions since its first release in 2007. Europa Universalis is easy to play and it’s a challenge for beginners and expert strategy players. This game is free to play online and has numerous updates and new content added all the time. Europa Universalis has various elements like exploration, warfare, trade, and diplomacy mixed into its gameplay. You will get to visit more than 250 historically accurate countries and guide your troops through a timespan of over 300 years. In this game, your main goal is to expand your society into a great global empire, but Europe Universalis has much more than that. Start playing this free game now to discover all that’s included.

Blood & Honor 

Blood & Honor is an app that can be installed for free on your Android or iOS mobile device. This game found on our list of fun strategy games like Risk plays out like a virtual board game. Blood & Honor mixes the classic features you love from games similar to Risk and new features found in traditional video games like power ups and various advantages. You can play this game with up to 6 real players online, or you can choose to play against computer generated opponents. In Blood & Honor, you will find 3 different AI difficulties, automatic saves, offline gameplay, and a ton of beautifully illustrated maps. This game hasn’t been released for a long time so you might discover a few bugs, but don’t worry, the creators of Blood & Honor are working hard each day to make this game perfect.

Hearts of Iron 

Hearts of Iron is another one of the top alternatives to Risk that shouldn’t be forgotten. This game published and developed by Paradox Development Studios was released in 2016 for Windows, Mac, and Linux. You can play Hearts of Iron in single player mode or in multiplayer mode online. This strategy war game is another one that focuses on World War II. Hearts of Iron lets you take control of one of 3 factions that were found between the years of 1936 and 1939. The Axis, the Allies, and the Communists. Explore various nations, strategies your battles, and take hard hits in this world domination game. Hearts of Iron can be played online or downloaded as an app for around $2. If you like board games that have been brought to life on your computer screen, you’ll love Hearts of Iron, guaranteed.

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