6 Quiz Games Like Kahoot

games like kahoot

Do you like to test your command knowledge? Do you like to solve puzzles? If you do, you’ll love this list of best trivia games like kahoot. Trivia and puzzle games have been around for a very long time. Before, these games were played around a table and with board games. Nowadays, most of the trivia games played are played on an electronic device. These games can be played on your browser, or on any of your portable devices like your tablet or mobile phone. There are a lot of quiz games on the market. This list features our top picks. Kahoot is one of the best trivia games for kids and adults. Kahoot is a game based learning platform that’s available in English and other languages like French and Spanish.

Launched in 2013, Kahoot is often used in classrooms and learning institutions but it can also be used alone. This game is played by more than 50 million people worldwide in more than 100 countries. Kahoot gives you multiple choice questions that need to be answered and they can be created by anyone. The trivia games found in Kahoot range from holidays to animals to geography to pop culture. Kahoot has something for everyone, of all ages. This game makes learning awesome and a ton of fun. Sign up for free now to get started. If you like the trivia games for adults and kids found on this site, you’ll love these other quiz games like Kahoot listed below. Guaranteed.


On Quizizz, you can access hundreds of fun trivia quizzes on any device. You can play these quizzes on your browser, on your tablet, and on your mobile phone. Teachers can create quizzes for their student and give them the access codes to keep track of their progress. Quizizz is fun for everyone. The quizzes can be created in minutes and you’re guaranteed to have a lot of fun without realizing that you’re learning. If you don’t want to create your own quiz, you can search the hundreds of pre made ones that are already available. Watch your name rise in the leaderboard and see if you can make it to the top with this free and fun quiz site.

Poll Everywhere

Another general knowledge quiz site that’s great for parents, teachers, and students is Poll Everywhere. This addition to our list of games like Kahoot is filled with multiple choice questions and answers. Turn any slideshow presentation into a quiz with Poll Everywhere. Used by more than 300,000 educators worldwide, Poll Everywhere is a fan favorite when it comes to learning. This game site is also ranked in the top 60% of the Fortune 500. You can share your polls online or use them during meetings, classes, and other events. Have a two way conversation with your audience by letting them follow and answer along with their smartphone, tablet, or computer.


This simple to use tool is filled with quiz games for kids. Plickers lets teachers collect data without any extra devices. This addition to our list of quiz games similar to Kahoot will help your students and children understand big concepts and master any skill they need to learn. Plickers can help children of all ages with critical thinking and give them a chance to participate and engage without feeling self conscious. Young and old kids will see Plickers as a game and not as a way to learn. The best thing about this quiz tool is that there is barely any preparation needed, all you need to do is log onto your computer or open an app.

Socrative Student

Socrative Student, also known simply as Socrative, is a treat addition to our list of sites like Kahoot. On the Socrative website, you will find ways to understand different subjects the easy way. This quiz site works great in the classroom as you can instantly connect with your students and watch them as the learning happens. The on the fly questions and auto populated will save you a ton of time if you’re a teacher. Socrative Student has numerous activities, thousands of quizzes, and daily reporting so you always know on what level each student is. These reports can even be printed out or emailed to the parents. You can buy a package for an individual classroom or get an extra discount if the entire school signs up.

Extramarks Smart Student

Extramarks Smart Student is an all in one solution for learning, practicing, and testing. This addition to our list of quiz games like Kahoot uses games and thematic learning approaches for the younger learners and layered, hierarchical, and adaptive tools for the older students. Extramarks Smart Student uses a robust technology that can make learning a lot easier, more effective, and more engaging. With Extramarks Smart Student, you can help kids in kindergarten all the way up to grade 12 with their classroom and home studies. You can also learn about more advanced subjects like engineering, medicine, SAT prep, career assessment, and more. There are even apps available for toddles on this site. Click on the link above to learn more about this all in one learning tool for all ages.

Aakash iTutor: NEET & IIT

We must also add Aakash iTutor: NEET & IIT to our list. This learning and quiz site is made for adults and older students. Aakash iTutor: NEET & IIT has more than 1,500 hours of video content, more than 1,000 hours of practice tests, and more than 200 ebooks. You can download any or all this content to a USB to use on another device or simply download the content you need to the computer or device you’re using. All the content found on Aakash iTutor: NEET & IIT is uploaded by expert teachers, if you have any other question or need an answer for something not found on this site, you can ask an expert directly online. They’re always happy to help.


Quizalize is another great tool similar to Kahoot and Quizizz, which aims to bring fun into classes by turning boring tests into enjoyable classroom team games. By using Quizalize you can either pick quizzes from an existing database of 120,000 ready-made ones, or you can create your own quizzes and play them on the whiteboard for increased interactivity. If you want to get the students feedback or to measure their progress, you can assign them on separate devices.  


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