8 Shooter Games Like CSGO

Shooter video games are some of the most popular games in the world. These kind of games require great reflexes and quick thinking. Your goal in these games is to wipe out the enemy before the enemy wipes you out. Find better weapons as you get further in the game and grab health packs and upgrades along the way. There are hundreds of thousands of shooter video games. Some are played in first person and some are played in third person. We’ve searched the web to find some of the best shooting and sniper games. The best one on our list is CSGO.

CSGO stands for Counter Strike: Global Offensive. This game created by Hidden Path Entertainment and the Valve Corporation first launched in 2012. Counter Strike: Global Offensive is a massive multiplayer online shooting game. This game is played in first person and the players are randomly divided into teams. Your goal in this game is to eliminate the other team as you try to find better weapons and hiding spots to avoid the flying bullets. The last man standing winds it all for his team. CSGO can be played on Windows, iOS, Linux, PlayStation, and Xbox. There is no ending to this game. Collect better weapons and upgrades to become invincible as you earn experience to rise in the levels.

Counter Strike: Global Offensive is just one of the games in the Counter Strike series. This action packed shooter game has many sequels, spinoffs, expansions, and add ons. If you liked this CSGO game, you’ll love the other ones. If you want to play more first person shooter games like CSGO, check out our list below. This list is filled with fast paced, kill ‘em all games that are guaranteed to satisfy your need for an adrenaline rush.

Call of Duty

Call of Duty is one of the best fps games like CSGO on our list. This game was first released in 2003 with a ton of sequels since. Call of Duty prides itself on staying ahead of the game with expansions and new levels and cool out of this world weapons. This game franchise created by Activision can be played on Windows, iOS, PlayStation, Xbox, Wii, and any other device imaginable. Call of Duty is s gaming brand that can be found everywhere. This game has had titles like Modern Warfare, WWII, Black Ops, Ghosts, Finest Hour, Zombies, and recently, Infinite Warfare. Be warned, Call of Duty is very addictive. Play it alone in campaign mode or join thousands online for a ruthless battle between foes.


Battlefield is another one of the top multiplayer shooting games similar to CSGO. This game is also played on a massive war zone split into two teams. Battlefield can be played alone or online with and against other real players. Battlefield is an Electronics Arts game that can be played on Windows, PlayStation, and Xbox. There are numerous installments of this game, like Call of Duty. If you like to play as a team, you’ll love Battlefield. This game requires that you communicate with your team as you try to find the players from the other team. If your team wins the match, you will be awarded with a lot of experience, points, less if you lose. You can use your points for special items and equipment. Higher levels unlock harder game modes.

PlayerUnknown’s Battlegrounds

If you like to play shooting games, you’ll love this addition to our list of games like CSGO called PlayerUnknow’s Battlegrounds. PlayerUnknown’s Battlegrounds is a game developed by the PUBG Corporation and published by Bluehole and Microsoft Studios. This game is one of the newest on our list, it was just released in 2017. PlayerUnknown’s Battlegrounds can be played on Windows and on Xbox exclusively. This multiplayer online battle game is based on the Battle Royale movie that came out in 2000. This game starts with hundreds of players parachuting onto an island, from there, the players need to scavenge for weapons and equipment as they thrive to survive. The longer the game goes on, the smaller the island gets.

Star Wars Battlefront

If you’re a Star Wars fan, you’ll love this addition to our list of best shooting games similar to CSGO. Star Wars Battlefront is another 2017 game that was created by Electronic Arts. This game is played in first person, in third person, in single player mode, and in multiplayer mode. Star Wars Battlefront features all your favorite characters from the famous movies and the destructive machinery and guns too. Some players that you can find in this game are Luke Skywalker, Boba Fett, and Yoda. The Star Wars Battlefront multiplayer mode is an epic battle between two teams of 20 across the eleven planets and the single player campaign mode is a condensed version of the sequel trilogy of films.

Day of Infamy

Day of Infamy must be added to our list of cool shooting games like CSGO. This game was released in early 2017 on Windows, Mac, and Linux. Day of Infamy is a Net World Interactive published and developed game. This first person shooter game is part action, part strategy. Day of Infamy is set during the events that took place in the European Theater during World War II. This game has two generic modes: cooperative and team based. One shot gets you dead in this game, so be careful or you will have to respawn from the beginning. This game can be challenging for beginners because Day of Infamy has removed the HUD map and your gun’s crosshairs from the game.


Prey is the first game on our list of alternatives to CSGO that isn’t a human against human battle. This game was developed by Arkane Studios and published by Bethesda. Prey was also just released in 2017 for Windows, PlayStation, and Xbox. This first person shooter game can only be played in single player mode. In this game, you control a man named Morgan Yu. Morgan is on a space station orbiting the moon. Everything’s going well until an alien race comes on board. Your job in this game is to kill the deadly aliens before they kill you as you try to find a way back to Earth. Prey is an open world game that you can explore freely. There are no predesigned routes for this game.


Wolfenstein is another game like Call of Duty and Battlefield that has numerous installments. Wolfenstein is a first person shooter game that requires a lot of stealth to play. This game developed by Raven Software and Published by Bethesda released its first game in 1981 and its latest game in 2017. Wolfenstein can be played on a ton of platforms including PlayStation and Xbox. In this action adventure shooting game, you will find yourself navigating rough terrain by foot. The main story is divided into various chapters and moral choices are given to you as you play. Pick up new weapons along the way as you fight bigger and stronger enemies. Wolfenstein can only be played in single player mode.

Killing Floor

This last addition to our list of multiplayer online shooting games like CSGO is called Killing Floor. Killing Floor is a game developed by Tripwire Interactive and published by Deep Silver and Iceberg Interactive. This game was released in 2016 for Windows, PlayStation 4 and Xbox One. Killing Floor is a ruthless battle that can be played alone or with up to 5 other players online. This game has standard fights, boss battles, and enemy waves. Killing Floor has melee weapons, guns, syringes for healing, and welding tools used to block passages. These tools can be upgraded as you move further along in the game. Killing Floor limits your player to the weight it can carry, this means: choose your equipment wisely before you set off to battle or you might find your character moving sluggishly and running out of breath quickly.

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