7 Virtual World Games Like IMVU

games like imvu

IMVU is a social networking game open to the public and playing it is more about exporing and interaction than competition. Headquartered in Mountain View, California and part of the FurAffinity division it came with a new concept combining social aspects with avatars creating an online universe, which other games like IMVU tried to copy. Despite of this, it is still one of the most popular avatar games with virtual worlds that has ever been created. IMVU is a game played with customizable 3D avatars. In this game, you can meet new people, chat with them, play games, create new items and clothing, and more. IMVU has more than 4 million active users on its site each month and it has more than 30 million items available to use in its game.

Short List of Games Like IMVU

You can find here the list of the games like IMVU we shortly reviewed. If you have a suggestion to add to the list just drop us a message:

This game contains its own currency called IMVU credits. This currency can be used for clothing, furniture, skins, accessories, and more. You can play the free version and get all the basic items, if you wanted something more extravagant you will have to purchase them with real money. In the IMVU world, you can find clubs, open landscapes, stores, pets, personal homes, department stores, and more. This game unlocks more things as you progress. IMVU lets you decorate your own space. This space is your home base. You can store your stuff here and invite friends over for a party.

IMVU is a fun game that should only be played by adults. This game has sexual content like nudity and references to drugs and alcohol. IMVU is blocked in public areas and schools. This game is one of the best virtual world games online. You’re guaranteed to find an escape from reality with IMVU. If you like games that have personalizable avatars and a social community of online players, you’ll love these other games like IMVU listed below. Take a look at them all to find a virtual world made for you.


OurWorld is a virtual fantasy world created by FlowPlay in 2008. This game is playable on your browser. OurWorld has a ton of games and activities that you can played with thousands of other players online. This is one of the best virtual games for teenagers. OurWorld gives each player an avatar and a condo. The rest is up to you. Dress your avatar, furnish your home, and earn in game money by playing mini games alone or with friends. OurWorld gives you a ton of options and more things are added all the time like tattoos, potions, vehicles, and dragons. This game lets you chat with others, give gifts, create groups, send mail, participate in contests, and more.

Second Life

Second Life is a game that reflects real life. This addition to our list of virtual world games like IMVU is massive. Released in 2003, Second Life has gained over 1 million active users each month. This game has no main objective, your only purpose in this game is to live a virtual life online. You can build, play, chat, date, trade items, shop, and more in this game, you can even get married. Second Life is played in a 3D platform that’s part realistic, part fantasy. It’s more realistic that games like minecraft or like roblox but to some extent it relies on similar concepts.

This game is only playable on your Windows, Mac, or Linux browser. Second Life is free to play with additional content available for purchase. Like we said before, this game is massive, it requires a powerful computer to play it. Check your specs before starting the tedious installation process.


vSide is a game developed by ExitReality and released in 2006. This game is playable on Windows and Mac. vSide is part virtual world, part party, and party music video. This addition to our list of fun virtual worlds is also one of the best chat games like IMVU. vSide lets you interact with others in their 3D virtual social network, find celebrity entertainment, visit virtual boutiques, and more. The best thing about this game is that it’s absolutely free to play. All you have to do is create an account and a personal avatar to get started. This game has a ton of engaging music, cool fashion, and numerous places to visit. vSide must be added to this list for all these reasons and more. If you like music and social interaction, you’ll love this game, we guarantee.


Fantage is the virtual world for kids on our list. This game caters to kids aged 6-14. Fantage has chat filters, a ton of customization, and a huge collection of minigames. This game is cute and bubbly and the fantasy style of this game makes it great for both boys and girls. Fantage has single and multiplayer games that can all be played for free. This addition to our list of games similar to IMVU lets your child show their personality through their avatar. Customize their clothing, their hairstyle, their face, and more. You can also customize your home space in this game, creating a perfect home just for you. Fantage has a monthly subscription that will unlock premium items but it’s not required to play.


One of the top chat games on our list is Avataria. Avataria is a game played on Facebook. This game has you lead a life of your own online. You can make friends, fall in love, and even get married in this game. Avataria has the latest fashions, a large choice of items to decorate your own apartment, and exciting clubs filled with the best music so you can dance the night away. This 3D world game has awesome graphics and a ton of cool people who are just waiting to say hi. Your look is important in this game. If you dress well, you will receive a better score in your image bar. This bar can give you new things and special features like changing your clothes with a single click. If you like music and fashion, this alternative to IMVU is the game for you.


There are no downloads required to play this browser based game called WoozWorld. This addition to our list of virtual world games like IMVU is great for tweens, teens, and adults. WoozWorld is a safe, educational, and fun experience for all. To play this game, you must first create your own avatar. This avatar can then shop for cool clothes and accessories. Pick a home and start decorating it to have the best place in town. WoozWorld has a ton of fun stuff to do. Not only can you shop, you can also visit different locations, meet new people, play games of all kinds, watch videos, and more. There’s a huge selection of items on this site which gives you a ton of customizational options and something new is always being added to the WoozWorld game.

Lady Popular

Lady Popular is the last addition to our list of virtual world games like IMVU. This free game has thousands of items and outfits, a ton of places to visit, and even more things to do. Lady Popular is played on Facebook. This game caters to a female audience but everyone is welcome to play. Lady Popular lets you micromanage every detail of your life to be the best you you can be. In this game, you will find a lot of depth, you’ll actually be surprised with everything you can find.

Lady Popular has tattoos, hair stylists, shopping malls, and more. Everything in this game is customizable, so creating your perfect look can be achieved with any outfit. This virtual world is your oyster. Earn cash, buy stuff, and interact with others. You can even find a job a the employment agency and visit the gym. Lady Popular is a strong contender on our list and you must give it a try if you like fashion and micromanaging.

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