5 Fantasy Adventure Games Like Kingdom Hearts

games like kingdom hearts

We have to admit, that creating this list was a challenge. Kingdom Hearts is a game we personally grew up playing. If you’ve ever played any of the Kingdom Hearts games, you know that there’s nothing else like it. Kingdom Hearts is part action, part discovery, part story, part magic, mixed with a ton of heart. The cherry on the cake of this grand franchise is the Disney characters we all know and love. In Kingdom Heart you will get to fight alongside Donald Duck and Goofy, Battle enemies like Ursula, and ally with characters like Geppetto.

Not only will you find beloved Disney characters in this game, you will also find characters from your favorite Square Enix games too. The Square Enix appearances are limited, but they add a special something to the game if you’ve played both brands. In Kingdom Hearts, you will get to wield a sword, a shield, or do magic. As you progress, you will get to do all three. Every new level is opened by collecting keys. These keys open new doors to new worlds.

Some of the worlds in Kingdom Hearts include The Jungle Book, Under the Sea from The Little Mermaid, and The 100 Acre Woods from Winnie The Pooh. Kingdom Hearts has enough action and fighting to keep you busy, a ton of secrets and treasures to discover, memorable characters we all know and love, a compelling storyline, and fun scenes that are guaranteed to keep entertained for a long time. Frankly, there’s nothing like Kingdom Hearts. Below, you will find our best selections for fantasy adventure games like Kingdom Hearts. You will get a little bit of everything in each. Check out the trailers and pictures below to find a new one to play.

Final Fantasy 

Final Fantasy is one of the best recommendations for our list of fantasy role playing games like Kingdom Hearts. Final Fantasy is a Square Enix created game that first came out in 1987. There have been numerous editions of this game, with its latest release in 2017. Final Fantasy can be played on numerous consoles including Windows, PlayStation, Wii, and Xbox. This science fiction fantasy media franchise involves tactical game play, third person shooting, character customizations, treasure hunting, and more. All of the Final Fantasy games come with a unique world and storyline and stunning music that will blow you away. Expect countless hours of gameplay with any of the Final Fantasy games. An average time for these games is about 80 hours. These games are a blend of CGI, anime, manga, and more of the genre. If you liked Kingdom Hearts, you’ll love this game, and you might see some familiar faces too.

Alice Madness Returns 

One of the best adventure games similar to Kingdom Hearts on our list is Alice Madness Returns. This game developed by Spicy Horse and published by Electronic Arts was released in 2011. Alice Madness Returns can be played on Windows, PlayStation, and Xbox. If you’re a fan of Alice in Wonderland and love gothic themes, you’ll love this action adventure fantasy platform game based on the story we all know and love. Alice Madness Returns follows a young girl called Alice Liddell as she tries to work out the troubles from her past. This game isn’t for children, Alice Madness Returns has dark themes and mature content. You’re about to witness something a lot different than the Wonderland you know.

Star Ocean 

Star Ocean was first released in 1996, it was such a success that a remake was released in 2016. This action role playing game found on our list of good fantasy games similar to Kingdom hearts is developed by Tri-Ace and published by Square Enix. Star Ocean is part science fiction, part space travel, and part fantasy world. This game has similarities to Star Trek and to games like the others on our list. Star Ocean uses real time battle engines, combo moves and spells to defeat your enemies and get further in the game. Other features included with the Star Ocean game include multiple endings and characters that can be affected depending on how you spend their relationship points. This game is a hidden gem that shouldn’t be missed if you love fantasy role playing games.

Rogue Galaxy 

Rogue Galaxy is the oldest addition to our list of best fantasy games. If you still have an old PlayStation 2 console lying around, you should definitely try this one. Rogue Galaxy is a Level 5 developed game that was published by Sony Computer Entertainment in 2007. This Japanese action role playing game follows the adventures of a young rogue called Jaster. Jaster is an agricultural worker who lives on an isolated planet. When a galactic conflict comes into play, Jaster might be the only one who can save the planet. This game is played in third person and there are no load times between exploration and combat. Rogue Galaxy uses a battle system similar to the one found in Final Fantasy.

Ni No Kuni 


Ni No Kuni is another one of the top fantasy adventure games like Kingdom Hearts. This role playing game developed by Level-5 and published by Bandai Namco Entertainment was first released in 2010, the latest release of this game is expected to arrive in 2018. Ni No Kuni can be played on PlayStation, Windows, and mobile. This game features 3 unforgettable characters called Oliver, Drippy, and Esther. This game can only be played in single player mode. Ni No Kuni uses magical elements and creatures that can be tamed to help you during battle. The main goal of Ni No Kuni is to follow young Oliver on his quest to save his mother and stop a horrible evil that is trying to take over his world.

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