8 Virtual Reality Games Like Pokemon Go

games like pokemon go

Pokemon Go is a game that was released in 2016. Currently, this game has had more than 750 million downloads. This game is based on the famous Pokemons that were popular in the 90’s. The Pokemon Go game was developed by Niantic and Nintendo and made for iOS and Android. This app uses your location to create a unique experience for all. Pokemon Go is a virtual reality game that lets you locate, capture, battle, and train Pokemons all over the world.

This game is free to use, but any additional content will be charged. Once you create a free account, Professor Willow will give you a short tutorial. After that, you’re on your own. Playing Pokemon Go is simple. Walk around with your app open and listen for the buzz when a Pokemon is near. When the buzzer sounds, try to catch the critter. A colored circle will help you know how difficult it is to catch, green is easy, yellow is intermediate, and red is difficult.

While walking around your hometown, be sure to visit obscure areas like alleyways, watersides, and the top floors of buildings. Here, you might find the elusive and rare Pokemons. Don’t miss the Pokestops. These special stops are usually found near local landmarks. At these Pokestops, you’ll find items like pokeballs, potions, revives, and eggs. Level up your Pokemon at a gym, local landmarks too, to become the best fighter in town. Charge up your phones battery and put on your walking shoes because this virtual reality camera game will have you hooked after your first catch. For more augmented reality games like Pokemon Go that require you to move around in real life, check out our list below. Every game on this list is different and each one uses your phone to play.

Clandestine Anomaly

Clandestine Anomaly is one of the best Pokemon Go like apps on our list. The first four levels of this game are free to play on Android and iOS. Clandestine Amomaly is an augmented reality game of epic proportions. In this game, you will join thousands of players around the world. This game needs you to defend Earth against a mysterious alien invasion. Clandestine Anomaly supercharges your phone so you can see the hidden conflict around you. As you walk around your neighborhood, aliens will pop up on your screen. Annihilate them to defend your home. Deploy offensive and defensive tactics and don’t forget to build a strong base. Find the biggest and baddest extra terrestrials in landmark areas like parks, and shopping malls.

Real Strike

Like the Pokemon gps game, Real Strike uses your phone to augment the reality around you. Real Strike is a fun first person shooter game that has you searching for nuclear waste critters in your area. This game turns your home, and your town, into a military base. When you look into your phones screen everything you once knew has changed. Real Strike gives you 25 weapons to choose from and infinite bullets. Aim, shoot, and reload as needed. This game includes a ton of military grade combat items like night vision, thermal vision, and explosives. Play Real Strike during the day and amp up the difficult when the sun goes out. This game is only available on iOS and it will cost you $0.89 to play.


Ingress must be added to our list of virtual reality games like Pokemon Go. This game forces you to get up off the couch and leave your home. Once this game is installed in your Android or iOS phone, you can start discovering a whole new world around you. Local landmarks like museums, parks, and other places of interest are home to portals. These portals need to be hacked to find equipment and items. They can also be reinforced to help your faction. Protecting your faction is your main goal. In this augmented reality game, you can level up to access powerful equipment and better weapons. Ingress uses video backgrounds and images based on popular books and comics. Ingress has more than 7 million agents playing all year long.


If you’ve ever wanted to be a ghost hunter, you’ll love this addition to our list of other games like Pokemon Go. Spectrek has a light version that is free to play and a full version that will cost you around $3.00. This game is played by thousands who have a passion for ghost hunting. SpekTrek is only available on Android. SpekTrek is game that will give you a workout while you search for ghosts around you. This game has 3 different treks. A 15 minute search, a 30 minute search, and a 60 minute search. SpekTrek has a special horn that you can blow if the ghosts our out of your reach, this will make them flee and move to a new location. Tilt your phone to the camera position to catch them. Protect the world and stay in shape with this game called SpekTrek.

The Walk

The Walk is a fitness tracker that will encourage you to walk more. This game was created by Six to Start and it’s available on Android and iPhone. The Walk is one of the most expensive apps on our list of games like Pokemon Go. It costs about $4.00 to join over 80,000 players. The Walk uses your phone to track your progress in the game. This game turns you into a super spy. The Walk has 51 episodes and over 800 minutes of audio. Listen to these stories as you walk or run to feel like you’re in a spy mission of your own. Some of these missions include a package delivery to save the world and a mystery that needs to be solved before a bomb is set off. The Walk is an epic adventure that will have you walking hundreds of miles without realizing it.

Superhero Workout

Have you ever wanted to be a superhero? This game found among virtual reality games like Pokemon Go will get you in shape and give you superpowers. Superhero Workout is another game created by Six to Start. This game counts every rep you make and more. The Superhero Workout can be played on your phone or viewed on your tv. Follow the training instructions and level up your powers. Use your powers to save the world, punch flying missiles, and defeat deadly aliens. In this game, you will traverse land, sea, and air as you become Earth’s last line of defense. Superhero Workout tracks the calories you burn, the miles you’ve run, and the enemies you’ve killed. Do a little each day to stay in shape and keep the world safe. Play over 20 missions on your Android or iPhone.

Zombies, Run

Six to Start has also created this famous game called Zombies, Run. This addition to our list of games similar to Pokemon Go has over 200 missions to get your heart racing. Zombies, Run is available on Android and iOS. This game’s story is so epic, you’ll want to play it every day. Zombies, Run uses augmented reality to track your progress as you walk, run, or jog, anywhere in the world. Listen to the music and the story with your headphones as you’re chased by flesh eating zombies. Sometimes you are forced to speed up, while other times you must rest to catch your breath. This game collects supplies as you go to help build a base to protect you when you stay put. Zombies, Run has over 1 million players across the globe. Synch your progress online to share your workout with others playing the game. You can even create your own missions. Try Zombies, Run now for a new way to run.

Zombies Everywhere

If you loved the zombie augmented reality game mentioned above, you’ll love this one too. This addition to our list of games like Pokemon Go puts you in the middle of an apocalypse. Like the Pokemon Go game, you will have to look into your phone’s screen to see the zombies around you. Zombies can be found everywhere. In your living room, at work, at the supermarket, even on the bus. This game can be a little terrifying. Zombies Everywhere has enemies like blood thirsty dogs and weapons like sniper rifles, flame throwers, and mini-guns. This free to play game will level up as you progress. This means better weapons, a stronger defense, and a lot more zombies. See how far you can get before the apocalypse takes you too! This game can be played on all mobile devices and tablets.

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